The world of fashion is always evolving, and one of its most dynamic expressions is street style. City streets become the perfect catwalks to showcase the latest trends and create unique and bold looks. Let's discover together the urban trends not to be missed to keep up with the times and create outfits that stand out.

1. Bright Colors

One of the distinctive characteristics of street style are bright and flashy colors. Orange, pink, lime green and all the colors of the rainbow are the undisputed protagonists. Choose colorful garments to give a touch of freshness to your daily outfit.

2. Mix & Match

Street style allows you to dare and experiment. Don't be afraid to combine different prints or disparate fabrics. Mix & match is one of the most loved trends, and allows you to create unique outfits that reflect your personality.

3. Oversize

Wearing oversized clothing is a must for an urban look. Loose shirts, jackets and trousers give a casual and cool vibe. Play with proportions to create intriguing and trendy outfits.

4. Statement accessories

Shoes and bags are essential to complete a street style outfit. Opt for eye-catching shoes or colorful bags that catch attention. Statement accessories are the focal point of a successful urban look.

5. Denim On Denim

Total denim is a street style classic. Play with different washes and unusual combinations to create a casual but impactful outfit. Denim on denim is versatile and suitable for multiple occasions.

6. Influencer Style

Follow fashion influencers to discover the latest urban trends. Fashion bloggers and celebrities will inspire you with eccentric and innovative outfits. Take inspiration from the looks of the most influential people in the world of street style fashion.

7. Generational Mixes

One of the peculiarities of street style is the ability to mix elements belonging to different eras. Play with vintage and modern pieces for an eclectic and personal look. Generational combinations are always on trend and add a touch of originality to your outfit.

8. Unique Details

It's the details that make the difference in a successful street style. Colorful patches, decorative pins, bright laces: dare with unique accessories that make your look original and memorable.

9. Alternative Minimalism

Even in such an eclectic style as street style, minimalism has its role. Choose basic pieces in neutral colors and clean lines, but add an alternative touch with a statement accessory or an oversized piece.

10. Sports Mix

Sportswear is an integral part of contemporary street style. Pairing gym clothes with more elegant elements is a distinctive trait of many street style icons. Include trendy sneakers and reinvented sportswear in your wardrobe to create dynamic and fashionable outfits.

11. Play with Textures

Textures play a fundamental role in street style. Velvet, silk, denim, lace: mixing different textures adds depth and interest to your outfits. Play with tactile sensations to create engaging and unique looks.

12. Local Trends

Finally, don't forget to take inspiration from local trends. Each city has its own unique style and cultural influences. Discover the typical looks of your city and reinterpreted in a modern way to create an authentic and original urban outfit.

Express Your Personality with Street Style

Street style is a varied and creative world that allows you to express your personality through your outfits. Experiment, dare and have fun by mixing different trends and creating unique looks that stand out in the urban crowd. Follow the latest trends, but never forget to add your personal touch to every outfit. Embrace the free spirit of street style and let your fashion speak for you.

Staff di Vittorio Citro