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Made in Italy sneakers 4B12

Quality of materials and style:

are the starting points of 4B12 to present a brand with a totally renewed concept.
Sneakers with various shades of style, which however are always identified in men and women who want to express a strong personality, even through a simple accessory such as a shoe.
In 4B12, fashion is thus imposed as an artistic expression based on careful studies, not only of trends, but also of materials, colors and fabrics.

The "streetwear" soul of 4B12

makes it a young, dynamic and current brand. In a broader sense, the "street style" is a lifestyle; originally it meant wearing what one was, in a simple and spontaneous way, without conforming to social conventions and inspired by values ​​such as complete freedom and independence.
The evolution of 4B12 has led the brand to study and interpret it in its various facets, contextualizing it to the world of fashion.

Made in Italy

in the world of fashion it is synonymous with tradition and craftsmanship. In 4B12, manufacturing experience meets current events, to introduce new products to the market that are shaped on the needs of the modern era.
Research and development for the creation of new iconic sneakers models.