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Orciani: Belts, Bags and Products on Sale

Belts, bags and leather products. This and much more is the Italian brand Orciani .

If you are looking for quality accessories that can last several months if not years, accessing the Orciani catalog and collections is a really good idea.

Over time, the brand has taken on a very specific identity with its ability to renew itself without ever betraying itself.

In Orciani , past and future are intertwined, ensuring that the company achieves the success of which today it is the protagonist.

Brief history of Orciani

The founder of the Brand is Claudio Orciani, who with his desire to surprise, to experiment, to innovate, believed in a project and made it the successful company it is today.

An eclectic figure, out of the fray, he also collaborates with famous artists such as Arnaldo Pomodoro, Mario Ceroli and Valeriano Trubbiani, creating a triptych of artist belts in a limited edition.

This happened in 1997, as evidenced by the book with an introduction by Gillo Dorfles.

Orciani collections: belts, bags and small leather goods

Not only for practical purposes, but also for aesthetic reasons, Orciani belts and accessories complete the most sophisticated outfits , the softness of the materials and the details of the buckles make each product unique and unmistakable, designed to satisfy a demanding and elegant public.

The mere function of supporting the trousers at the waist is replaced by the desire to make each outfit unique.

Orciani offers a wide range of leathers and buckles perfect for any occasion, from the most elegant to the most casual combinations, in order to always be fashionable.

For the most elegant occasions, you can choose between the smooth leather belts, or the real crocodile versions.

While for casual occasions you can opt for the bull leather versions with blunt buckle.

Match your Orciani belt to a shoe in the same leather and color, so you can make your match perfect, find your men's shoes among our wide range of models.

Where to find Orciani items?

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