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Cesare Casadei: Sales on Shoes, Decollete and Sandals

Casadei is an all-Italian brand that has made fashion its reason for living.

All the products made by Cesare Casadei presuppose research into details, quality and attention to detail.

In short, it is a brand that has made the history of Italy in fashion and which, to this day, continues its tradition in our country and also abroad.

Let's find out what the history of Casadei is, the collections currently on the market and where to buy the brand's products.

Brief history of Cesare Casadei

The Casadei brand was born in 1958, in a small laboratory in San Mauro Pascoli.

Here the first collection of sandals was created for the tourists who flock to the Italian Riviera every year.

Italy is experiencing an economic boom and within 10 years, a small laboratory is transformed into a real company that starts exporting to Germany and the United States.

Shortly thereafter, the first stores opened in places such as Japan and the first single-brand boutique in Brussels.

Cesare Casadei, son of Quinto and Flora, takes over as creative director of the company and pushes the brand towards globalization.

During the following years, the brand becomes a real must have for everyone.

All the celebrities wear Casadei on their feet, consolidating the brand in the fashion industry.

Cesare Casadei collections

All of Cesare Casadei's creations are subjected to special treatment.

We are not talking about a product like any other, but about shoes that are made with high quality materials.

If you are a woman, we are sure that you too have wanted to wear a pair of Casadei shoes at least once.

Now, your dream is possible.

On you will have access to the shoes of your dreams at fabulous prices.

For example, you can find the stargate slipper available in gold.

Or look for your Blade Sandal at a truly unbeatable price.

There are all the colors you want: from beige to pink.

Then switch to red or black.

Casadei shoes are real jewels that your feet will wear not only in the evenings but also in everyday life.

The shoes are all made with excellent leather which underlines the quality of footwear that will last over time.

Where to buy Cesare Casadei shoes?

Are you looking for trendy and Made in Italy items?

The Cesare Casadei brand is definitely one of the best choices you can make.

Among the most popular models you will find the Casadei Blade Decolette, with an iconic very thin metal heel, just like a blade.

On the website you will always find new models, exclusive collections and promotions at your disposal.

To proceed with a quick purchase, select and order your model taking advantage of the free shipping over 100 €.

Or, if you plan to order it later, add it to your wishlist.

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