We are sure that you too have heard of Ugg at least once in your life. It is one of the most appreciated brands by women all over the world, among the most comfortable and favorite footwear to face even the coldest winters. Nowadays, there are numerous shops where you will find the Ugg collections, however, it is only on VittorioCitro. it that you will have access to always active promotions on your favorite shoes.


The history of Ugg is not as certain as for other brands. In fact, some believe they have seen these sheepskin boots made since the late 1800s. Others, however, say they originate from rural Australia in the 1920s. Australia and UK.

In short, we don't care about the details, what we actually know is that the first product was made in 1933 in New South Wales by the Blue Mountains Ugg Boot Company. Initially, these women's ankle boots were not well received. However, they started to go out of fashion starting in the 70s thanks to a community of Australian surfers.


In this collection you will also find lots of UGGs on offer .

Nowadays, the collections are numerous and there are no longer just the classic footwear that we have all come to know and which have become famous all over the world. In fact, the brand has decided to embrace the change and be present on the market even during the hottest months, the summer ones, through fashionable and very delicate slippers.

Among the novelties of our ugg online shopping, however, there are not only new models of footwear. In fact, it decided to develop new colors that could meet the increasingly particular needs of its customers. Today, in fact, you will be able to find the classic Mini Uggs also in black, a product definitely appreciated by women who want a shoe for any occasion.

Among the most popular products this year you will find the ugg with plateau, a classic model but with a higher sole, worn by illustrious names, they immediately became an iconic model.


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