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Sprayground: Prices Backpacks for Men and Women

Sprayground is the new worldly phenomenon inspired by pop culture. Over the course of a very few years, Sprayground bags and backpacks have become a must have for women and men, wherever they go.

Who founded Sprayground?

The brand was founded by David Ben David and Eddie Shabot who started their adventure with the first product: Hello my name is . Let's see in the following lines the details of this event and how Sprayground products have achieved so much success.

Brief history of Sprayground

After the launch of the first backpack in 2010, Sprayground didn't stop and the founders of the fashion brand created another backpack that immediately went on trend. This is the Money Stacks that has had a huge success in the market and has attracted the attention of numerous enthusiasts.

Sprayground backpacks left from American airports, arriving in Japan, China and Dubai. Now, they are finally available for delivery in Italy.

All pop culture lovers can give a touch of style to their clothing with one of the Sprayground backpacks now available in many shops.

Sprayground collections for men and women

The Sprayground collection for men and women has one goal: to tell the story of its products, to express rebellion and the desire to travel around the world.

However, the brand's backpacks have not been successful only for their color, price or aesthetic appearance.

In fact, these are quality and functional accessories, elements that make them not only a stylish object but also a faithful travel companion for your adventures.

Between 2012 and 2018, the brand launched new collections and became one of the most followed brands when it comes to travel items.

For example, his Wing backpack has become a real best seller of the brand, made with innovative techniques that have tested its quality and resistance.

Sprayground backpack features

The backpacks are equipped with pockets and zips in which to store earphones, computers, tablets and many other technological accessories at your disposal.

Furthermore, inside the backpacks you will find all the ergonomic supports that are essential for carrying in every day of your life and to improve your overall experience with the brand's products.

Thus, you will have all the space you need by choosing products that perfectly reflect the price at which they are sold.

Where to find Sprayground backpacks?

Sprayground products are always the subject of promotions on with free shipping for orders over €99.

On our site you will have all the items you want and the options that the market appreciates the most. In short, we have the widest choice on the market.

Choose the type of backpack with the features you prefer. Take advantage of the offers on our platform and proceed with your purchase.

Sprayground bag delivers in Italy

Sprayground pochettes are characterized by captivating and colorful prints and designs, often inspired by popular themes such as the world of comics, video games and street culture. They are made with resistant fabrics such as nylon and polyester, to ensure durability and resistance to wear. They are designed to be comfortable and easy to carry, but at the same time have a unique and original design, perfect for everyday use or for a special occasion.