The autumn-winter 2023-2024 season is full of surprises. During autumn , we will see a return of retro fashion, while winter will feature bolder styles such as leather dresses. Here are some of the most relevant ones, from the boldest to the most understated:

The return of leather clothes

Winter 2023-2024 stands out for a bolder and more decisive style, with leather clothes emerging as the undisputed protagonists of the season. Leather, an iconic and timeless material, returns to dominate the catwalks and streets, presenting itself as a must-have for those who want a strong and glamorous look. This year's leather dresses range from classic jackets and trousers to more innovative proposals such as dresses and skirts, offering options for every occasion, both day and evening.

Versatility and Style: How to Wear Leather

The beauty of leather clothes lies in their incredible versatility. Perfect for a sophisticated office outfit or a bold evening look, these pieces are suitable for different occasions. For a more sober approach, they can be combined with soft fabrics and neutral colors. For those who love to dare, however, the combination with bright colors or bold prints can create a surprising and high-impact contrast.

Vittorio Citro