Doucal's: Prices for Men's and Women's Shoes

You're probably looking for a pair of shoes with a certain savoir faire and you've come across Doucal's for the first time.

You must know that it is a historic Italian brand founded by Mario Giannini in 1973.

Doucal's shoes represent the full expression of Made in Italy fashion and are sold at a price, after all, quite accessible.

Let's find out the history of this brand in the next few lines.

Brief history of Doucal's

As anticipated, the Doucal's brand was founded by Mario Giannini in 1973. The history of these shoes is very particular.

In fact, the well-known entrepreneur was intent on developing a footwear business in the Marche region.

Subsequently, he decided to move to England in Northamptonshire, home to the likes of:

  • John Lobb

  • Joseph Cheaney

  • Edward Green

Mario's experience in England was certainly very useful for the development of leather and luxury footwear as his mentor handed down to him some of the treatments and construction methods of his artisan enterprise.

Nowadays, Doucal's footwear is designed to be as similar as possible to its English cousins.

Overall, they are products that offer maximum comfort and style in all models of the collection.

Doucal's collections for men and women

The Doucal's shoe collections represent the must have for all those who want to stand out with a perfect shoe model.

Within the vast selection of Doucal's footwear you will find models for all tastes.

For example, you'll have access to shoes that mix different designs and boast an impressive variety of shapes.

One of Doucal's latest innovations is the selection of shoes created in collaboration with The Rake that completely embraces the vision of Mario and his family.

But not only.

Stores that sell Doucal's also have other alternatives for all types of customers.

For example, there are great Chelsea shoes from the boots collection.

If you really want to show off, we suggest you try the elegant dark brown boots that will immediately refer to the famous Made in Italy brand.

But how can we forget the category of shoes dedicated entirely to the moccasin.

It is a very popular product especially during the hottest months of the year as it is made with light but resistant materials. Doucal's men's ankle boots are irresistible! High and low ankle boots with unique, soft and always fashionable leathers.

Doucal's accessories

But not just shoes . Or rather, almost.

Doucal's has decided to take care of your footwear by offering you accessories that you absolutely cannot give up.

This is a novelty for the brand that chooses to make a maintenance kit available for your leather shoes in order to make them as long-lasting as possible.

Add the kit to your cart together with your new Doucal's shoes and take care of them at all times.

Where to find Doucal's shoes?

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