Kangol produces a wide range of headdresses, spanning generations and cultures.

It's not just hip hop and it's not just heritage. Kangol is not just a fashion brand. Kangol is a cultural fusion of fashion, taking the best of British heritage and retro hip hop and mixing it with the fashion of the future.

Kangol seeks to satisfy a new generation of consumers without discarding, abandoning or alienating the people who put it where it is today.

This is evidenced by the mutual respect that is exchanged between Kangol and the talented and influential people with whom the brand collaborates.

 Over the past decade Kangol has worked with Antoni & Alison, ALIFE, Hiroshi Fujiwara, D * Face, Apishangel, Pure Evil, SSUR, Stereo Sound Agency, Commes Des Garçons, INSA, Evil Monito, Katherine Hamnet, Married to the MOB and Catherine Marauder.