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Lardini: Men's Clothing, Collections and Promotions

Lardini uomo is a historic Italian brand that, over the years, has been able to renew itself by offering fashionable and perfect products for the everyday man.

Each Lardini product is characterized by refined fabrics and attention to detail.

Lardini items are available during all seasons thanks to ad hoc collections resulting from research and experimentation.

But how was the Lardini brand born? What are your best pieces?

Brief history of Lardini

The Lardini uomo brand was born in Italy in 1978 in the rolling hills of Filottrano in the Marche region.

Over the years, this brand has been able to create a reputation faithful to its Italian heritage which is based on sartorial elegance and high quality .

There are decades of experience behind it when it comes to Lardini, which focuses its attention on quality manufacturing and unprecedented sartorial perfection.

In the Lardini men's options you will find so many items of clothing .

Among the choices available to you, we recommend that you take a look at the jackets on sale, dresses, coats, trousers and much more.

The Lardini brand is always ready to embrace the news of the moment and offer a proposal of products that is always new and fresh to its customers.

Collection Lardini: innovation in Italy

The Lardini man knows what he wants; opt for classic soft tailoring with an Italian touch, often enhancing boldness in the thinnest fabrics.

It is a kind of nonchalance that could be defined as “spontaneously elegant”. You recognize it by the characteristic flower on the collar that accompanies each jacket.

The founder, Luigi, once explained Mr. Baltzar's mentality by quoting Virginia Woolf: "Vain nonsense as it sounds, clothes change our worldview and the worldview of us."

Hence, Lardini always evolves its designs to never go out of fashion , remembering their heritage.

The entire production takes place in their atelier in Filottrano where the artisan tradition meets cutting-edge machinery, even if the most vital parts are still made by hand.

This is something the connoisseur will spot and recognize, and the junior novice after a while will feel and begin to appreciate.

Because when you wear a Lardini garment, whether it's simple shirts , a casual garment, or a formal dress , you are wearing a work of art.

Each season offers a tasteful approach to menswear with something for most men who have an interest in style .

Where to find Lardini men's clothing?

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