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Paloma Barcelò: Shoes for Women, Sales and Outlet

The story of Paloma Barcelò began in 1960 with the creation of the first espadrilles thanks to the ingenuity and intuition of Manolo Barcelò, master of the elaboration of handmade cords and braids.

From that moment on, the company began to become present in all stores in Italy and in the world, offering quality footwear full of style.

A brief history of Paloma Barcelò

Paloma Barcelò starts thanks to Manolo Barcelò, a tireless craftsman who knew perfectly the production of espadrilles and rope shoes.

His role as a craftsman was carried out for the main international fashion brands.

Subsequently, Manuel Barcelò Martinez, son of Manolo, after years of lending his creative experience to other designers , decides to found his own clothing line.

In 2022, therefore, Paloma Barcelò was definitively born.

Paloma Barcelò Collection

The Paloma Barcelò footwear collection seems to be characterized by collectibles.

All the shoes are made in hours and hours of manual work and the engineering thought of the designer who created them.

The Paloma Barceló are made with more than one hundred meters of jute rope to be twisted on the sole and create the lines of which they are characterized.

Then, there is a few tens of meters of natural fiber yarn for the natural fixing of the espadrilles .

In addition, the sole is vulcanized with rubber underneath and pressed onto a jute sole. The raw buffalo and calf leather allows the feet to breathe and maintains the thermostatic properties.

Attention to detail is the hallmark of Paloma Barceló shoes.

Among the footwear brands, Paloma Barceló is certainly the reference point for the warmer seasons but you will also find many models of wedge boots and high boots .

Where to buy Paloma Barcelò?

Are you going to rely on Paloma Barcelò to redo your wardrobe?

Then you will surely be interested in the continuous offers and promotions that our site, , constantly offers.

You will find many products in evidence, full of timely information.

All this in a completely Italian site that offers a free shipping service for orders over € 99.

Choose the shoe color you prefer or use the filters to improve your navigation within the brand's products.

Each product will be available to all users and you will have a wide choice on our entire catalog. Paloma Barcelo is also very famous for its particular models of boots, Paloma Barcelo boots differ in their style and their lightness.