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PT Torino: Men's Trousers, Prices and Promotions

PT Torino has practically always been a brand that produces trousers with the same watchwords: determination and devotion.

The PT Torino trousers are attentive to details and this makes them rich in details with a sartorial and sophisticated flavor.

PT Torino, therefore, combines innovation, authentic creativity and competence.

The Turin brand has been around for about 50 years and this makes it one of the confirmations in the clothing market.

A brief history of the PT Torino brand

The history of the PT Torino brand began in 1968 when Pierangelo Fassino, an entrepreneur from Turin, took over the reins of his family business and concentrated on the production of just one piece of clothing: trousers.

From here, we could say that the rest is history.

It starts with 80,000 pieces produced every year and the company grows up to the 90s where a real turning point takes place.

The support of Edoardo, Pierangelo's son, allows us to make a qualitative leap through this passage of generations.

The goal, therefore, is to approach the market with a novelty: to focus on the luxury clothing sector.

This is why we started the production of tailored trousers up to luxury denim.

PT Torino clothing: trousers and fit

When we talk about PT Torino trousers we refer to the impressive wearability of these garments, to the quality fabrics that are used and to the choice of style.

As you can see in our PT Torino collection, we have decided to include a few models of absolute quality.

These are jeans, tailored trousers with a medium waist and in cotton.

Or, you can choose between slim jeans with a lightened effect or the skinny model.

In short, whatever your style needs, you will know that in our shop you can find all the alternatives to improve your wardrobe.

Then, visit our page dedicated to PT Torino products, discover the fabrics with which they are made by reading the product descriptions and choose the trousers that are perfect for your style.

Don't worry about the price. You are shopping for a very high quality garment that will last over time and that adapts to any type of use.

Where to find PT Torino items with sales?

PT Torino articles are available on the website.

In our store you will have a very high level shopping experience that allows you to access a great freedom of choice during your purchase.

So, you just have to take advantage of our sales and promotions available throughout the year.

Therefore, add a product to the cart, enter your delivery address and order the items you need.

We'll take care of ensuring that your order is shipped quickly and efficiently.

Finally, subscribe to the newsletter with your email to stay up to date on the latest discount applied, on the availability of your size and on the latest PT Torino product at our disposal.

In case you need more information, we recommend that you contact our customer service to allow you to use the site in the best way.