Via Roma 15: Women's Shoes Prices and Promotions

You've probably heard of Via Roma 15 as the most luxurious shoe factory in Italy.

Well, we can tell you with certainty that these Made in Italy shoes represent a real excellence of our country.

As a company, Via Roma 15 has decided to embrace the use of quality materials to create products that were always up to the situation.

Let's see in the following lines the history of Via Roma 15 , where to buy his boots and on which website.

Brief history of Via Roma 15

Via Roma 15 is a shoe factory that was born in 1979.

These are the years of the Italian economic post-boom, in which the country is one of the most important nations in the fashion sector.

In short, the Italy of those times was full of opportunities, companies that were born and developed.

Craftsmanship certainly represents an address to be pursued for many local realities.

Here Silvano Volponi doesn't have to repeat himself twice and decides to open his company.

His goal is to work precious raw materials in such a way as to create footwear with attention to detail and to obtain a refined leather product.

To date, many stylists turn to the Via Roma 15 brand for their events as we are dealing with a company of international importance.

Via Roma 15 shoe collection

Even today, each piece of the collections of Via Roma 15 is made through the skilled hands of the craftsmen .

Only a few machines are used so that the shoes can be as durable as possible.

If you are a lover of vintage footwear and you like trendy shoes such as sandals , ankle boots, boots and much more, Via Roma 15 is one of the brands that you absolutely must evaluate for your therapeutic shopping.

Where to find shoes in Via Roma 15?

Buying one of the ankle boots on Via Roma 15 is certainly an intelligent and sophisticated choice of style.

But where to go shopping for this company's products?

On you will find all the most famous models and collections of Via Roma 15 Boots at a truly discounted price.

Simply choose the items that interest you most, add them to your cart and proceed to payment.

Remember that free shipping is available for orders over €100.

In case you need advice, you can always contact our assistance who will be happy to give you a hand in choosing your next design shoe.